Fight for your child

A Shadowrunner constantly fights for survival, for the price, for the team, but mainly for himself. This may change fundamentally if you happen to have children ... Nobody knows that better then Wyld (aka. Cynthia de Burgh), who will do really anything to protect theirs! 

In this scene a few thugs didn't get the memo not to engage a SURGEed* Nocturna (formerly known as Night Ones, an elven subspecies) carrying a big, probably deadly Claymore. Guess what?

The little girl behind Wyld is her native daughter Neli, who, like her mother, has already shown a certain degree of magical activity that manifests itself in increased physical abilities (an adept). Returning home from daily sports and martial-arts training, the girl is keen to watch her mother beat up a few gangers, not realizing the danger she's facing.

 *Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression

fight for your child