About that spell ...

Inktober #10, theme pattern

Magic isn't simply throwing fireballs around and enchanting people just by snipping your fingers. It is much more complicated and requires learning complex formulas and patterns, at least for hermetic mages, to cast the spell.

Designing and researching a new spell can be an adventure by itself, depending on the tradition you follow. Dana and Amy, both hermetic mages, are just about to design a new spell.

Besides creating complex diagrams consisting of many arcane symbols, they must express all this in a working magic pattern! At the moment they are trying to put all their findings together to form a whole and check whether the designed pattern meets the given requirements. The pattern by the way expresses a healing spell intended to reduce snoring during sleep!

But why invent such a spell? Well, if you were to go on Runs with Dana and sleep somewhere in the wilderness, you most certainly wouldn't be happy if everyone around you noticed that an elf woman is sawing wood!