Inktober #12, theme dragon

Phew, there’s a long story behind this scene... let’s try to put this together!

Once and then our Runners encountered opponents going by the name of GRAIL, both genetically and biologically enhanced soldiers without corporate affiliation (as they later discover). These soldiers turned out to be a pain in the ass and wherever our Runners went, chances were good they met GRAIL.

Later they were ordered by the dragon Scylla (aka. Tinkerbelle) to uncover the background of GRAIL, as she felt impeded in her actions by the operations of GRAIL.

At the same time, they carried out smaller assignments for a client named Mr. Master, who later turned out to be an actor who was commissioned by GRAIL to fool the runners and obstruct their investigations.

To make things even more complex, an old acquaintance's sister (Daisy aka. Shiny) approached them and asked them to look for her missing sister (Amy aka. Eclipse).

Long story short: Turns out another dragon (Kares) is part of the bickering and the GRAIL troops are in fact his henchmen. And what about Amy? Well, as Drake, she was practically one of the dragon's targets, and so he had her simply extracted and conditioned.

And then what? Did they meet for a coffee break and exchange information? Not at all...

In addition to the actions of our runners, Scylla, her sister Daenerys and Kares, another party felt (it gets more and more complicated!) fooled... Lady Zoé Estrées, a very powerful, very old and free spirit, finally made sure that our runners found out about the whereabouts of the kidnapped Amy. Of course, she didn't tell them that they would also find the lair of an adult dragon and sent them straight into Peru's jungle. While the Runners pulled in their colleagues and connections and forged a plan, Lady Estrées also played this information to the two dragon sisters Scylla and Daenerys. And then what?

The scene is self-explanatory and the result when about 20 Shadowrunners join forces and unexpectedly land on the battlefield of three adult dragons ...