Thanks, chummer!

Inktober #18, theme misfit

Rich parents who hold an important position in society, a teenager who already possesses too much charisma and self-confidence for her age and voila, the nightmare of all parents is born. A young und nearly unpredictable rebel, ready to do whatever she wants!

It has benefits being the single child, gifted with magic, in a dysfunctional society of wannabes.

The scene shows the teenage version of Ensha Sheraline and her BFF Elasil Lindqvist (the innocent and nice-looking girl on the right) at a garden party of Enshas parents in Tír Tairngire. By the way, the shocked woman on the left is Enshas mother and guess who’s watching too? The cat totem's already got an eye on her...

Well, times change, don’t they?