Inktober #22, theme ghost

Imagine having a pathologist and a gang gal in your Runner team. Now imagine your Johnson being Tinkerbelle (kind of a mad scientist dragon), who provides you with one of her most trustworthy assets, Synthia. Synthia is an AI living in the matrix, equipped with a high-tech Cyberbody (as a proxy) and not necessarily having the same perception of the world around them, especially if it is outside the matrix.

Well, misunderstandings are inevitable!

While Lucy tries to get to know Synthia and communicate with them, Synthia finds it hard to really understand Lucy's intentions.

Taggert, our pathologist on the other hand, is fascinated by the concept of Synthia actually being alive and has a lot of unanswered questions.

From left to right:
Taggert, Synthia, Lucy