Roasted Mouse a la Carte

"Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon." -Street Proverb

Sure, every runner knows that, but there's something missing from this proverb. Not only that you shouldn't cut a deal with a dragon, no you shouldn't anger a dragon either!
This mouse - once a fashionable and arrogant young elf lady - got it all wrong.
She played with the dragon's toy (a boy), she insulted the dragon by naming her a norm (not knowing to speak with a dragon), and she damaged her toy (well, actually she slapped the boy...).
Well guess who's staying for dinner tonight?

Scylla (in the shadows known as Tinkerbelle) is actually a nice adult dragon, at least as nice as a dragon can be. She prefers to stay in her lair and tinker around, but sometimes there's a necessity to socialize and attend some ... parties.

For a dragon she's not easy to insult and she even don't mind, if you play with her toys (jealousy is a stranger to her, at least that's what she says), but don't you dare damage her b.. uhm.. toy!

I did this piece as an Inktober warmup, theme was food.