Super-Secret Special Agents

Cynthia (aka. Wyld) tries really hard to be a good mother. Having one and a half day jobs and running the shadows doesn't make this endeavor any easier. With three children, one of whom just hit puberty and the other two are awakened, this endeavor becomes a little more stressful.

It really doesn't help that her kids see themselves as super-secret special agents solving cases and mysteries all over Seattle. To make things worse, they just bought a Spy Master Impossible Toolkit from their beloved retro-trid-series "Jessica Melonie - Spy in Disguise" and started taking pictures with their absolutely iconic Polaroid OneStep+150x instant film camera, just to fill their secret investigation board.

Who knows, to which conclusion the three will come...

From left to right: Arlyne (aka. Agent Lyn), Neli (aka. 00Neli), Elfi (Agent 11)