Call me Ms. Johnson

Shirley MacDougle is one of the two owners of MR2, a corporation mainly focused in fundamental research and located in Snohomish Seattle. She may look like a normal woman to you, but be advised, under her skin she's an adult western dragon and also acts like one. Nearly all the time she's followed by her butler and spokesman Ben Feningen. Not that she's not able to speak in her human form, but she prefers not to, for what reason ever. Her demeanor towards other people is friendly, she's focused and always goes for the long run. Her twin sister on the other hand, in the Shadows known as Tinkerbelle, is chaotic and impetuous, well kind of a mad scientist. Together they rule MR2 and if Shirley is the queen of the corporation, then Samantha is her inspirational muse.

call me ms johnson