Time is an illusion

Imagine working for a slightly mad dragon scientist, who most certainly won't tell you what she's really up to. And now imagine the surprise of our Shadowrunners when they find out that in some strange way they were sent thousands and thousands of years back in time (more likely to a metaplane)...

And what are they supposed to do there? Well, turns out they simply have to steal some kind of a black rose preserved within a sealed block of solid crystal from some kind of elven queen.

And how and why are they supposed to do that? As it seems somebody else is trying to prevent this event from happening and so our Runners must slip into the role of the original thieves, a group of strange adepts, who back then stole that rose.

Surrounded by a mysterious aura of magic, which conceals their true nature, our Runner obviously have a lot of fun doing their … er… job!

time is an illusion v2