Neulich auf der Met Gala

Recently we were playing Shadowrun, where our two Shadowrunners Wyld (1st f. left) and Hollowpoint (2nd f. left) were forced out of retirement to save their friend Amy who was kidnapped a while ago.

The annual Met Gala in Manhattan seemed to be the best opportunity to catch one of their targets. The problem here was getting an invitation to the Met Gala, you can't just show up uninvited.
Fortunately, they know some celebrities who occasionally can be of assistance.

The ex-runners were therefore happy that their mutual friend Ensha Sheraline (1st f. right) wanted to present her latest collection at the Met Gala and still needed an entourage.

Unfortunately, they didn't know it was a fetish collection ...

The theme of the Met-Gala was AR / Trideo, so I uploaded an animated version.

recently at the met gala