Who I am

I'm a trained graphic designer and currently have an 80% workload as a web designer / publisher at biwac INFORMATIK in Solothurn. The remaining 20% I keep for drawing and from time to time for smaller jobs.

Why Comics / Mangas?

Drawing comics or manga is diverse and covers one of my numerous interests. Above all, of course, drawing itself, but also telling stories, creating layouts and designs. When drawing comics, I am a director, stylist, concept artist and an architect at the same time.

I've been drawing since I was a child, but it really drew me in when I discovered mangas.

I liked comics before, but mangas fascinated me in a completely different way. The style (at that time I loved the big eyes) and the narrative style motivated me to draw my own story. Unlike the comic attempts, which were aborted after about three pages, this time I kept the ball rolling. Thanks to the internet I had the opportunity to publish and thus also receive a lot of feedback.

I drew my mangas next to the grammar school, in which I learned a lot of useful basics (thanks to the main subject "visual design") and later also during the preliminary course in design and the graphic design class. I always had a bit of a conflict with teachers who didn't like manga and didn't really want to acknowledge my achievements in this field. The positive effect was that I developed my style for the school in other directions and studied a lot of secondary literature on the subject of comics in order to be able to argue quickly.

The result can be found on my website. I can rely on a good foundation of techniques and theory and choose what is useful and what suits my current mood.

Autobiographical Comics